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Our unique process provides people with good credit, bad credit, or poor credit the best chance to finance a vehicle with a local finance company. We help people with fair credit, or very bad credit, get a fresh start with an used car auto loan or refinance approval.

Damaged Credit Auto Loans

It is not necessary to stress yourself out looking for a car dealer to approve you for loans. Applying for bad credit auto financing is simple. Don't waste your time driving all over New England to find financing.

Trying to buy a used car with bad credit can be confusing, that is why we developed our Matrix Loan Process®. People with poor credit can get approved for local auto financing a little bit easier now, this is how.

Auto Loan Refinance

Refinancing an auto loan is one of the easiest ways to save money. Auto refinancing at the right time can be very beneficial, especially if you have paid off any outstanding debts and improved your credit score since buying your car. The longer the term of your car loan the more money you can save by refinancing today.

2 reasons to condider car loan refinancing:

Used Car Loans

For years we have been approving people with problem credit and giving them a second chance with our used car financing. Our lending program specializes in used car credit for up to 72 months; apply with us today, it only takes a couple of minutes!

We understand that buying a used car with bad credit is one of the largest purchases some of us will make in our lifetime. Your financial consultant will work with you to find a quality automobile with a low down payment, and an affordable payment that fits within your budget.

Getting a Car Loan After Bankruptcy

Just because you have a bankruptcy on your credit report does not mean you can't qualify for an auto loan. Our exclusive auto financing process is designed to help people who have had a previous bankruptcy get approved fast.

We have developed our Matrix Loan Process® to loan money specifically to borrowers who have had trouble getting approved for a bankruptcy auto loan from other auto finance companies. We realize that most people with poor credit, or bankruptcy in the past truely want 2nd chance to establish a good credit rating.

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